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Smog test North Hollywood

Unlimited Retest

At Nick’s Smog we offer a 30 day unlimited retest upon purchase. Get your vehicle retested after consulting your auto service. 

SMOG Test North Hollywood

Smog Check

We are a star certify station which certifies any car, truck, motorhome, diesel or gasoline engine. If your vehicle doesn’t pass the smog check we give you unlimited retest for 30 days, more time is offered as long as you call in one week prior to the 30 days being expired.

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smog test north hollywood

Nick's Smog

Nick’s Smog has served over 15,000 vehicles with its great customer service and experience in the smog check industry. With our reputation of providing honest and trustworthy smog checks our shop always brings peace of mind to our customers.

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Smog Test North Hollywood

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